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City Social entrepreneur Partho Bhowmick teaches the visually impaired to take photographs.
His students judge aperture and shutter speed by the difference in sound. He has started his own virtual school www.blindwithcameraschool.org. The site has stepwise tutorials derived from his longitudinal study of visual art. Partho's inspiration is French photographer Evgen Bavcar who was blind.

Braille embossed Visiting CardsĀ 
Nidhi Kaila of Esha empowers the visually impaired by pioneering Braille embossed visiting cards she believes that it makes a statement about your sensitivity. No company can claim to be socially responsible without having inclusive communication.


'Rent- a- Painting' Library
Sandip Tatiya, an artist who is hearing impaired has started and been successfully running a 'Rent- a- Painting' library of his own works. He has about 275 of his own paintings, ranging from portraits, landscapes to modern art which he rents out to his 250 clients every month.
Sandip Tatiya
Phone - 022-25837034.
Email - tatiyasandip@yahoo.com