Our Mission

ChildRaise.com is created mainly for the "Special Child" and his parents, caregivers and well-wishers. A special child has different abilities, capacities and needs. In many respects in comparison with a regular child, this child requires special attention, proper management and above all, Love in abundance. Many a time, parents and caregivers, though deeply concerned, are completely at loss about handling such a child.

ChildRaise intends to provide theĀ 
Rehabilitation, Awareness, Information, Support and Education

required to bring up special children so that optimum care is taken in helping them to become independent to the maximum possible extent and to be in the mainstream of society.

The purpose behind this endeavor is

  • To provide unflinching support to parents
  • To provide help to teachers, share and try out new learning strategies with them
  • To build Pressure Groups
  • To provide a suitable platform for volunteers, social workers to endorse their work and voice their problems and difficulties.
  • Advocacy

In short, this is a Movement for YOU who is interested in the Empowerment of a special child and a person with Disability.